Under 2 weeks to go…

There are under 2 weeks to go until the first race of my “racing comeback” at Donington Park!

There’s a lot of stuff still to do to make the car “race legal”, but from the testing we’ve done I think we’re looking good :- )

I’m hoping to launch TALEX Academy before the first race.

One thing we’ve decided to do is put some Patrons names on the car, so it would be nice to do that from the very first race!

We’ve decided to use the Patreon platform to do it, so Backers will get full transparency on the project.

We’re working on the details now and I’ll keep you updated!

All the best,

P.S.¬†We’ve already got our first commercial backer — ZX1 Oil!

P.P.S. If you want to read up on my previous posts about the “racing comeback” and TALEX Academy, you can see them here.

Or to watch a “flying lap” of Cadwell Park in the KA, you can do that here!