Adam Blair History

Formula First – 1998

4th in the British Formula First Championship.

Racing Driver Excuse for not winning: The top three cars were found to have illegal distributor caps, giving an extra 7-9bhp, which is a lot for a car with only around 100 horse power! Sadly the championship organisers did not want to disqualify all top three cars so the standings remaind.

Formula Ford – 1999

Pole position for the 1999 Formula Ford 1600 Festival.

Racing Driver Excuse for not winning: Inexperience. Threw it off the circuit while trying to excape the pack.

Formula 3 Scholarship Class – 2001

Pole position in first race despite no testing. 5 podiums in total.

Racing Driver Excuse for not winning: Inexperience and lack of ability to walk away from a bad team. Knew there was something seriously wrong with the car (with hindsight, probably a broken damper) but I wanted it so much that I just continued racing, looking like a slow coach near the back of the field and hoping that the problem would be fixed, which it never was.

Porsche Carrera Cup Germany – 2002

Two years as a paid professional driver in the German Porsche Carrera Cup.

The German series was extremely competitive. On the occasions that it mixed with the Supercup, the German series would prevail.

Adam leading Le Mans Winners Romain Dumas and Marc Leib, Austria 2002

I drove for a great little team called Eichin Racing but they were cash strapped and although they produced a good car, they didn’t have any money for testing. So most of the time the first time I saw the circuit I was racing on was in the half hour warmup before qualifying.

That said, we did have some reasonable results, being fastest in the wet in first qualifying at Zolder by some margin, scoring a Pole Position at Hockenheim, and a podium at the Nurburgring.

There was a lot of potential and I am eternally grateful to Walter Eichin (who has since sadly passed away) for giving me the opportunity despite the financial difficulties the team had.

Adam on the Podium at the Nurburgring with ex Porsche factory Driver Wolf Henzler and 2013 DTM Champion Mike Rockenfeller

Karting – 2015 > 2019

A friend from way back asked me to race in a charity karting event in 2015.

I said “yes” and after we won, was instantly hooked again.

I raced for fun for the next few years (of course defining “fun” as “winning”) and won a lot of ‘arrive and drive’ championships, which had some very talented drivers competing, including 2021 Ginetta Champion Toby Trice.


Buckmore Park Grand Prix League 2015 – Champion

Buckmore Park Grand Prix League 2016 – Champion

Capital Karts Open Championship 2016 – Champion

Bayford Meadows Superpro Challenge 2016 – Champion

Buckmore Park Grand Prix League 2017 – Champion

UK Indoor Karting Champion 2017 (Capital Karts)

Daytona Milton Keynes Champion of Champions 2018*
* name may not be accurate. It was a one day championship of all the winners from each of the different Daytona circuits

Buckmore Park BP Pro 2018 – Champion

BP Pro 18/19 Winter Series – Champion

EnduroKA 2019 – 2022

EnduroKA for IP Racing. Although the series is a “starter” series for many, there were some extremely fast racing drivers too, including ex GT and Touring Car champions, an LMP1 Le Mans winner, as well as many aspiring future champions. In other words its both highly competitive and a real challenge to race with less experienced drivers!

Pole Positions: 15 (from 24 races)

Wins: 9 (including sprint races)

Pole Lap from EnduroKA Donington Park 2022:

Tourismo-X – 2022

Driving for Darkside Developments in their new Audi TT, we led the championship for the whole season.

Adam in the Darkside Developments Audi TT at Oulton Park

Darkside understandably decided to pull out of the Championship with 2 rounds to go due to obvious cheating from a rival.

Team HARD stepped in and offered to let me use one of their cars, however it was a lower power class car and the organisers refused to let us use it for the final round. At the last moment a car became available and although it was quite fast, it broke down in qualifying and then again in the race, leaving us 2nd in the Championship.

Racing Driver Excuse for not winning: Racing against a car that was obviously running an illegal switchable map which gave it a huge power advantage.


Without a full time drive, I did a few “one off ” races in different cars. The highlight was a double win at Snetterton in the Audi TT Cup. Sadly that was knocked down to one win because of a track limits penalty. There’s no footage from Snetterton, but you can watch the onboard from Croft here…

2024 – TT Cup

Audi TT Cup with EST Performance

After our one off TT Cup races in 2023, I was offered a drive with EST Performance for 2024. All going well we plan to do the whole Championship this year.