Adam Blair is racing in the ClubEnduro Endurance Racing championship thanks to Darkside Developments in their Audi TT.

  • Round 1: Donington

The first race at Donington didn’t go quite as planned. Despite running briefly 2nd overall and consistently 3rd, we were hampered by penalties in Round 1.

See the livestream of the race here:

  • Round 2: Croft

The 2nd round was slightly more competitive than the first with Adam taking the lead shortly after getting in the car after a very strong stint from team mate Ryan Parkin against significantly faster (currently) TCR and BMW M3 cars.

However, gearbox gremlins intervened while Adam was leading, meaning that we dropped for 4th at the finish, lucky to finish at all. We were later disqualified for an unfortunate maneuver by Ryan in his stint where he passed the leader under a yellow flag that he could not see…

You can see the onboard of Adam’s stint here:

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